Work together with Jane, Mary and thousands of other Jefferson County, WV  residents to ‘Stop Toxic Rockwool’ and the county government forces. You can donate directly to the Jefferson County Vision (a 501c4 Nonprofit) to further their legal costs, become a Patreon subscriber, write letters, or join on the research in this real life detective story. It started with an apple orchard but today it is the site of an international dispute between residents of Jefferson County, WV, their own local government and a multi-national “green” corporation called Rockwool…


Mary McClelland grew up in Jefferson County, WV in a tiny town called Shenandoah Junction, situated just 2 miles from the future Rockwool site. Her parents still live there today. After attending WVU she moved to Arizona and eventually settled in Rochester, NY where she is a professional writer. But her heart will always lie in West Virginia, and she believes the country roads will eventually take her home.


After finishing a degree in criminal justice Jane packed up 2 suitcases and moved from the Southwest to northern Virginia. After starting a family she relocated from the suburbs of Washington DC to picturesque Jefferson County, WV. Nestled in the Shenandoah Valley, surrounded by mountains and rivers she enjoys the stunning beauty and rich history of the place she now calls home. She has finally stopped bugging her husband to move back to the Southwest.